About Us

Hello, Our journey and passion for soap making began in the small town of  Akron, Ohio. Having a son suffering from eczema and trying multiple store bought products that never seem to work became daunting. We were left with no choice but to make our products.

We understand the struggle of having eczema and troubled problematic skin. This is why we created a brand catered to sensitive skin. Our bath & body products are nourishing and gentle on your skin. We formulate our recipes in small batches using earth's finest botanical oils and butters to ensure the utmost quality and freshness.
 We always use natural skin safe (Phthalate Free) fragrance oils and organic essential oils to keep your skin happy and healthy.

Each botanical is carefully chosen for their nourishing beneficial qualities they provide your skin with. Tried of troubled skin unleash your inner glow with all-natural skincare for supple sunkissed skin!

We’re a proud vegan and cruelty-free brand!